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The school has well equipped audio-visual hall where students learn through projector along with class-room studies. Apart from this various competitions and events are organized time to time.

Aims of Institution

1.       The aim of institution is to give children a refined education so as to equip them to be men and women of character and integrity.

2.       To provide the quality education to the children with less economic burden on parents/guardians.

3.       The school aims not only to cherish cream students but also uplift the physical and mental level of mediocre or below mediocre students.

4.       The institution never kicks out students on the basic of merit in IX and XI standard.

5.       The institution is rigid for versatile development of student from lower classes to higher classes.

6.       The institution aims to encourage students for hard work, determination and persistence to faster habits of self-discipline and to promote initiative Endeavour.


The institution provides education for both boys and girls from class nursery to XII. Teaching is done in both Hindi and English medium and stress is laid on fluency and command in written and spoken English.

Academic Session

The academic session is from April to March. Final examination are held in the month of February every year.

Co-curricular Activities

A rich programme of co-curricular activities like Dance, Music, Debate, Quiz run parallel to the academic curriculum. These activities are conducted regularly through inter house competitions along with picnics and educational trips.

The four houses are:-

                HOPE                    NOBLE                  PEACE                   UNITY  

Based on traditional qualities of learning.


College has following laboratories to promote clear understanding of the subject matter –

1.       Computer Lab                                   (b) Science Lab                                  (C) Technology Lab

Multipurpose Hall:

The college has a large and well furnished multipurpose hall which is used for different activities like competitions, workshops and guest lecturer.

Music Room:

The college has a music room with instrument where student get help to improve their talent under expert guidance.

School Timing

Summer                                                               April to October

Pre-Nursery to II              –                              07:30 AM to 12:20PM

III to VIII                          –                              07:30 AM to 01:40PM

IX to VIII                          –                              07:30 AM to 02:30PM

Winter                             –                              November to March

Pre-Nursery to II              –                              08:00 AM to 01:00PM

III to VIII                           –                              08:00 AM to 02:15PM

IX to XII                            –                              08:00 AM to 02:50PM

School timing may be changed according to school convenience.

General Rules of Discipline

1.       Maintain high ideals of discipline. Students are expected to follow rules and regulations regarding discipline.

2.       The student should come to school at scheduled time regularly and neatly/smartly dressed in the school uniform.

3.       Students are expected to be polite, friendly and well behaved in & outside the school and courteous to their elders and teachers.

4.       Once the student enters the school premises, he/she will not be allowed to leave school without permission of the principal.

5.       The parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities by following rules and regulations of the school.

6.       Student should have proper copies and books and diary according to the course.

7.       Prayer Assembly is an integral part of the school. With prayer to God and listen to the important announcement. Every students must develop the habit of being punctual is expected to be present in the morning assembly. Late comers may be sent to their home. Punctuality must be maintained by students.

8.       If the students indulge in any indiscipline they will be severely dealt with such acts if repeated, may lead to rustication from the school.

9.       Parent Teacher meetings are a regular feature of the college. Parents are expected to come regularly in this meeting with their valuable suggestions and co-operation.

General Code of Conduct for Students

1.       Every student has to pay respect to his/her teachers and elders.

2.       When a teacher enters/exits the class, they should stand up as a mark of honor.

3.       Student should do their home work regularly and sincerely. They should be attentive in the class.

4.       Students should bring their school dairy with them everyday.

5.       Students should never temper with entries made in progress report or diary.

6.       Student should be polite, well behaved in and outside of the college.

7.       Punctuality must be strictly observed by the students.

8.       Students should maintain cleanliness in their class rooms, labs, college compound.

9.       Students should not write, carve or scratch on the walls, black boards or furniture.

10.   Students should preserve environment, plant trees and maintain greenery.